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Tcaci Ion


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Sarah Bernhard, this is how I title the work. Being realistic I try to present what impressed me the most on my visit to Kiev. From all Kiev I've taken just a picture of Sarah Bernhard from a journal, because it was the only thing that impressed me. So I want to copy some pictures of Sarah by Felix Nadar, Sarah being at the age of 20 years old.

Project presentation

> Part I: participants

Alesencov / Melnic
Dragneva / Macari
Druta Veaceslav
Dulfan Dmitry
Scerbina Igor (Fazya)
Katchuk Gleb
Verlan Mark (Marioka Son of The Rain)
Petrelli Alexander
Rata Vasile
Tcaci Ion
Thomas George
Zilbershtein Isidor

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