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Katchuk Gleb



The artist is called Tony Oursler. I believe that his work is known and doesn't need my comments.
My piece is called "Step-Dance for the Eye." This will be a video projection from the ceiling onto a white semi-sphere on the floor.
The image will be a human eye in the grip of a strong nervous tick, looped on tape.
Sound: step-dance, repeatedly losing rhythm and appearing to be slipping off the slippery surface.

Project presentation

> Part I: participants

Alesencov / Melnic
Dragneva / Macari
Druta Veaceslav
Dulfan Dmitry
Scerbina Igor (Fazya)
Katchuk Gleb
Verlan Mark (Marioka Son of The Rain)
Petrelli Alexander
Rata Vasile
Tcaci Ion
Thomas George
Zilbershtein Isidor

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