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Druta Veaceslav


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Project exhibition

(The Russian name for the oil color "cinnabar imitation", as it appears on the package label)
Author: Veaceslav Druta

The project was announced during the CarbonART 1999 summer camp

"KINOVARI-cinnabar (HgS), mercury sulfate-oxide chemical element (crystalline rock) of a reddish color. It is used to produce the oil color. Since it is unstable when exposed to air (it oxidizes easily and loses its color), the artificially produced analog color is used in painting. We have known it by its Russian version "Kinovari-imitatsia". So I decided to call the project by the same name, "KINOVARI-IMITATSIA".
The low level of the classes on the history of this century's art has had adverse repercussions on the education of young artists. This drawback in the artistic education is a consequence of a shortage of teachers, insufficient teachings aids, etc. "KINOVARI-IMITATSIA" is a contribution to making up for the shortage of information (on the art of the 20th century) by means of an art project based on "copying" or "imitating" works of art made by 20th century artists. "Copying" is a process often used by art students to learn the techniques of producing a work of art. However, I've not interested in studying the techniques used with a certain medium as much as to learn, identify, or understand deeper a movement or an artist. I've called on artists to make copies of art works of their choice from various periods of this century, and then sign them as authors. The copies will be accompanied by text, which will explain the reason for choosing a particular work of art and describe the whole work process. I will not limit myself only to copies of "objectual art"; I will also accept to our collection performance, action, video, and other ephemerical artistic events.
The collection of copies will be then exhibited, and later I'll provide continuity to it by "commissioning" new works from arts students and established artists.
The first place in this project, made by Lilia Dragneva, Lucia Macari together with American artist Bradley Adams, was an "imitation" (copy) of a photograph by Man Ray depicting Marcel Duchamp dressed as Rrose Selavy. In the copy Marcel Duchamp was replaced by Bradley Adams, who came up with the idea to change also the title into PapiRrose Selavy, which translates phonetically from Russian (papirosa means cigarette) and French as "Cigarette is Life". An interesting coincidence that suggested this idea to them was the physical resemblance of the two artists and the same date of birth - both were born on the 28th of July. This was also a possibility for them to use our fantasy in developing the subject's clothing, since fashion design was their main subject of study at the Arts University.
There were some proposals of copying some masterpieces by some native and foreigner artists.
I've decided to make a copy by myself, in order to give a good example.
It is the Marcel Duchamp's bicycle wheel, the third variant (New York, 1951)
Assembling: a metallic wheel, 25,5d. monted on a wooden stool, 23,75., total 50,5d.
Museum of Modern Art from New York. Sydney's and Harried Janis's collection.

Project presentation

> Part I: participants

Alesencov / Melnic
Dragneva / Macari
Druta Veaceslav
Dulfan Dmitry
Scerbina Igor (Fazya)
Katchuk Gleb
Verlan Mark (Marioka Son of The Rain)
Petrelli Alexander
Rata Vasile
Tcaci Ion
Thomas George
Zilbershtein Isidor

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