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Dragneva / Macari


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Guillotine, 2000

"Kinovari (imitatsia)" is a project initiated by Lilia Dragnev and Lucia Macari. It was conceived as an artist's contribution to the deficit of information available on the history of the 20th century art, this being particularly the case for the students at the art academies in Moldova.

Dragnev/Macari asked artists to choose and to make copies of works of art from various periods of this century and then sign them as the author. The copies are accompanied by texts, which explain the reason for choosing a particular work of art, and describe the whole working process. The project does not limit itself only to copies of objects; it also collects performances, actions, videos and other time-based ephemeral artistic events.

For the first exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Chisinau, Kilometrul 6, Iurie Cibotaru received a grant to create his piece, the "Guillotine", in 1996. It became popular among the local population and was also well received in various exhibitions. This piece is presented in this show as part of the "Kinovari (imitatsia)" project. Dragnev/Macari acquired the copyright to this installation from Iurie Cibotaru. The idea is to show the documents and archival material from KSA:K which tells the story of "Guillotine"; from its inception, to exhibitors abroad, including custom documents, storage, grant proposals and contracts, documentation, etc. The documentation also highlights a 1963 piece by the German artist Ingo Gunther, also titled "Guillotine" which was basically identical to Cibotaru's "Guillotine". Curiously, Cibotaru was not aware of Gunther's project in 1996; this phenomenon is not unusual for the work of young contemporary artists from Moldova.

The "Guillotine" always had the problem of being transported from the one venue to the next, so Dragnev/Macari opted to exhibit a single slide of the work to show the piece (even though the artists already retained the rights to show the actual object as their own).


Project presentation

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Alesencov / Melnic
Dragneva / Macari
Druta Veaceslav
Dulfan Dmitry
Scerbina Igor (Fazya)
Katchuk Gleb
Verlan Mark (Marioka Son of The Rain)
Petrelli Alexander
Rata Vasile
Tcaci Ion
Thomas George
Zilbershtein Isidor

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