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Promotion campaign of the GHOST Pavilion of the Republic of Moldova

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The campaign reflects the position of a number of institutions and initiatives from independent cultural sector,
developed as a response to the designation by the local authorities from Republic of Moldova of the participants to
represent the National Pavilion at the 54 edition of Venice Biennale.
The GHOST Pavilion is a new tool to promote the image of Republic of Moldova internationally.

Within this campaign, a group of artists have developed texts, posters, slogans, stickers, postcards, stencil
messages, and other sites to be displayed and distributed in public spaces of Chisinau during the course of
Contemporary Art Biennale in Venice (June 4 to November 27, 2011). The campaign will be also hosted by institutions
involved in the project: the space of KSAK Center, Laundry Theatre, the Art Hotel and Protest in Wind Project -
at the Opened Apartment (Oberliht Association). The event will be publicized in the press (placing ads in
newspapers), on radio and TV stations, also on the Internet - through the discussion list Oberlist, networks and
other international mailing lists, Phantom Pavilion page on Facebook, and web sites of organizations involved in the
project, also by creating a blog and posting banners on civic.md portal.

On the next sage, projects developed by: Igor Scerbina (5 slogans, posters, light boxes, bins, banners, video
trailer), Valeria Barbas (street ad), Tatiana Fedorova (T-shirts, stencils), Lucia Macari (commemorative coin- in
public transport stickers, postcards) will be located and distributed in public places in Chisinau, on the Internet
and local media since June 4, 2011.

In the period between 1-5 of June the projects by Igor Scerbina, Tatiana Fiodorova and Lucia Macari are part of the
exhibition in the frame of HEICO project presented at the 54th edition of the Venice Biennale. HEICO project web site:

The campaign will culminate with the presentation in Chisinau of MISSING LINK project by SOLD OUT (Adel Idris and Denis Bartenev),
developed under the network ATLANTIS'11 and project Heico in Venice. The presentation of the MISSING LINK project
and related events is to be announced.

The campaign is supported by:

[KSA:K] - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau
Association Oberliht
Association Alt Film

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