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CHISINAU - Art, Research in the Public Sphere

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Period: 21.09.2010 - 15.10.2010
Location: multiple locations around the city of Chisinau
»» Location Guide (format pdf)

Project organizer: [KSA:K] - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau
Project partners: E-cart.ro Association, Campina, Romania, (www.e-cart.ro), MEEM- Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project, Tallinn, Estonia (www.publicpreparation.org)


Pavel BRAILA - visual artist (MD)
Ana DZOKIC si Marc NEELEN, [STEALTH.unlimited] - urban researchers, cultural activists (NL)
Tatiana FIODOROVA - visual artist (MD)
Ferenc GROF si Jean-Baptiste NAUDY (Societe Realiste) - artisti vizuali (FR/HU),
Susanne KRIEMANN - visual artist (NL)
Indre KLIMAITE - visual artist (NL)
Floe KASEARU - visual artist (EST)
Maxim KUZMENKO - visual artist (MD)
Tilmann MEYER-FAJE - visual artist (NL)
Dumitru OBOROC - visual artist (RO)
Alina POPA si Irina GHEORGHE (Biroul de Cercetari Melodramatice) - visual artists (RO)
Danilo PRNJAT - visual artist (SP)
Ghenadie POPESCU - visual artist (MD)
Joanna RAJKOWSKA - visual artist (PL)
Klaus SCHAFLER - visual artist (AU)
Rena RAEDLE si Vladan JEREMIC - curators, social activists (SP)
Stefan TIRON - visual artist, curator (RO)
Vadim TIGANAS - visual artist (MD)
Nomeda URBONAS - visual artist (LT)
Vladimir US - visual artist, curator (MD)
Mark VERLAN - visual artist (MD)

Stefan RUSU

The final presentation of the projects consists of a number of actions, public events, guided turs, surveis, objects and installations
that critically activate various aspects of the public sphere and cover several locations in the city of Chisinau.
The projects inserted in the urban fabric represent an itinerary that can be followed with the help of a project guide, which can be downloaded from the project webpage.
Thus, the city plan and the street network are in fact transformed into a terrain with an overlaid network of projects and related events realized by the project participants.
The projects aim was to explore the dominant institutional and political discourses that have shaped the society and the urban landscape of the city of Chisinau
in the course of its recent history.

CHISINAU- Art, Research in the Public Sphere is a cross-disciplinary platform that investigates the connections between political and cultural symbols
and propaganda and its impact on the urban environment, the interference between personal narratives and imported ideologies, cultural discourses in relation to the public sphere.
The project participants were invited from the Balkan (Romania, Serbia, Macedonia) and Baltic (Lithuania and Estonia) countries,
as well from other EU countries (France, Austria, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands) that experience or have experienced similar social and cultural processes and phenomena.

Project partners in Moldova: Alliance Française de Moldavie, the Goethe Institute/Bucharest, the German Cultural Center ACCENTE/Chisinau, the Polish Cultural Institute/Bucharest,
the Austrian Cultural Forum/Bucharest, the UNESCO Chair of South-East European Studies within the Faculty of History of the Moldova State University,
National Museum of History and Archaeology, Directorate for Culture of the Municipality of Chisinau,
Administration of Electric Transport of Chisinau Municipality. 

Media partners: Public Media Group SRL, Revista la Plic, Radio Europa Libera, Publika TV.

CHISINAU - Art, Research in the Public Sphere is supported financially by Allianz Kulturstiftung/Germania, Fundatiei ERSTE/Austria, Fundatiei Mondriaan/Amsterdam,
Aliantei Franceze din Moldova, Institutului Goethe/Bucuresti prin Centrul Cultural German ACCENTE/Chisinau, Institutului Polonez/Bucuresti,
Forumului Cultural Austriac/Bucuresti, Ministerului Federal al Educatiei, Artelor si Culturii din Austria.

KSA:K 1996-2012

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