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CHISINAU - Art, Research in the Public Sphere

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Period: 22 - 24 September, 2010, 10.00 - 17.00, open for the public
Location: The Bureau of Interethnic Relations

Address: Str. A. Mateevici 109/1

Project organizer: [KSA:K] - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau
Partners: E-cart.ro Association, Campina, Romania (www.e-cart.ro),
MEEM- Rael Artel Gallery: Non-Profit Project, Tallinn, Estonia (www.publicpreparation.org)


Lilia DRAGNEVA - curator, project coordinator (MD)
Vasile ERNU - writer, editor (RO)
Tatiana FIODOROVA - visual artist (MD)
Catalin GHEORGHE - theoretician, curator, Vector Association (RO)
Angela HARUTUNEAN - theoretician, curator (EG/AM)
Augustin IOAN - architect, theoretician, lecturer, University of Architecture and Urbanism "Ion Mincu" (RO)
Indre KLIMAITE - visual artist (NL)
Sebastian Kaiser - curator/art manager (DE)
Maxim KUSMENKO - visual artist (MD)
Ana MARIAN - art historian (MD)
Davor MISKOVIC - curator, cultural activist (HR)
Tamara NESTEROVA - theoretician, architect (MD)
Dumitru OBOROC - visual artist (RO)
Virgil PASLARIUC - historian (MD)
Ghenadie POPESCU - visual artist (MD)
Klaus SCHAFLER - vizual artist (AU)
Ovidiu TICHINDELEANU - teoretician/writer (RO/MD)
Vadim TIGANAS - visual artist (MD)
Nomeda URBONAS - visual artist (LT)
Vladimir US - visual artist, curator (MD)
Raluca VOINEA - curator, theoretician, co-founder of E_Cart Association (RO)
Pavel BRAILA - visual artist (MD)
Mark VERLAN - visual artist (MD)


Stefan RUSU - project curator

The conference will contextualize and exemplify the discourse in the public sphere and the way it reflects the current state of the city and of society in general. The lack of the notion of "public sphere" in the Republic of Moldova during the soviet era created not only a vacuum of understanding on this subject, but also left the doors open for the untamed post-transition “stability” that monopolized this space, where the public sphere was replaced by the political and economical discourse. The participants from Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and Moldova that have experienced similar social and cultural processes and phenomena will present their research and case studies related to the connections between the public and private acceptions of space placed in various cultural and ideological backgrounds. Along with the project issues will be analyzed the recent changes that have shaped the social and cultural environment in the 20 years following the fall of the Berlin wall and the demise of the socialist system.

CHISINAU - Art, Research in the Public Sphere - is a cross-disciplinary platform that investigates the connections between political and cultural symbols and propaganda and its impact on the urban environment, the interference between personal narratives and imported ideologies and cultural discourses in relation to the public sphere.

Project partners in Moldova: Alliance Francaise de Moldavie, the Goethe Institute/Bucharest, the German Cultural Center ACCENTE/Chisinau, the Polish Cultural Institute/Bucharest, the Austrian Cultural Forum/Bucharest, the UNESCO Chair of South-East European Studies within the Faculty of History of the Moldova State University, National Museum of History and Archaeology, Directorate for Culture of the Municipality of Chisinau, Museum of National Army of Rep. of Moldova, Administration of Electric Transport of Chisinau Municipality.

Media Partners: Public Media Group SRL, Revista la Plic, Radio Europa Libera, Publica TV.

CHISINAU- Art, Research in the Public Sphere is supported financially by: Allianz Kulturstiftung/Germany, ERSTE Foundation/Austria, Mondriaan Foundation/Amsterdam, Alliance Francaise de Moldavie, Goethe Institute/Bucharest trough German Cultural Center ACCENTE/Chisinau, Polish Cultural Institute/Bucharest and Austrian Cultural Forum/Bucharest, Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

Center for Contemporary Art - [KSA:K] (www.art.md)

[KSA:K] Center is a non-profit, independent institution established in 2000. The new strategy of the Center is the development of cultural forms and art practices that reflect the dynamic of the social, political and economic transformations of the society. The Center supports advocacy activities in promoting cultural policies suitable for defining and strengthening the position of artists and contemporary art practices in society.

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