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Interdisciplinary Workshop/ Second Session
RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Project

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Project organised by: KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau

in partnership with: VECTOR Association, Iasi (www.periferic.org)

The second workshop session is part of RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios project and will be a period dedicated to research and art production with interdisciplinary character in which local and invited artists will research and elaborate in collaboration with local experts (sociologists, economists, historians, political annalists, etc.) from Moldova and Romania. One of the important components of the current workshop session will be the participation of the group of artists and one curator from the Netherlands, who are invited for the research period in Moldova. The results of these investigations will be part of upcoming publication of RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios project.

Period: 1 - 14 of August
Location: KSAK-Contemporary Art Center, Chisinau

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Dan Acostioei/ Romania, Violeta Ionita/Romania, Alexandru Grigoras/Romania, Dumitru Oboroc/Romania, Lavinia German/Romania, Vadim Tiganas/Moldova, Ghenadie Popescu/Moldova, Victor Ciobanu/Moldova, Vladimir Us/Moldova, Tatiana Fiodorov/Moldova, Maxim Cuzmenco/Moldova, Igor Scerbina/Moldova, Lucia Macari/ The Netherlands –Moldova, Veaceslav Druta/France-Moldova Bik Van Der Pol (Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol)/The Netherlands, Tilmann Meyer-Faje/ The Netherlands, Iratxe Jaio/ The Netherlands Klaas Von Gurcum/ The Netherlands

During the workshop a series of lectures and presentations will took place with the following invited lecturers:

Igor Casu (born 1973, based in Chisinau) researcher and scientific coordinator at Institute of History, State and Law. Universitary lecturer at Pedagogic University Ion Creanga, Chisinau. (statement)

Petru Negura (born. 1974, based in Chisinau) superior lecturer at USM (Chisinau), doctor in sociology at E.H.E.S.S. (Paris) and former student at PhD School from Bucharest and New Europe College Alumnus (Bucharest). As a researcher he is interested in the history of development of RASS Moldova ( national autonomy established in 1924 on the territory of Ukraine) and the transfer of cultural and identity model from one state formation to an other, that took place with establishment in 1944 of RSS Moldova on the occupied territory of Besarabia by USSR. (statement)

Mihai Ursu (n. 1951, based in Chisinau), Director of National Museum Ethnography and Natural History, Chisinau (statement)

Bik Van Der Pol (Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol work collectively since 1995 as Bik van der Pol. They live and work in Rotterdam, the Netherlands) (www.bikvanderpol.net)
Bik van der Pol explore the potential of art to produce and transmit knowledge. Their working method is based on co-operation and research methods of how to activate situations as to create a platform for various kinds of communicative activities. For this presentation they will focus on works and projects in which they question and research issues dealing with the public realm, for instance Art is Either Plagiarism or Revolution, Ford Boxes and Fly Me To The Moon. (statement, pdf)

Tilmann Meyer-Faje (born ,19971 based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) (a href=http://tmf-info.blogspot.com/> tmf-info.blogspot.com)
Tilmann Meyer-Faje examines the extent to which they comply with their promises as he lets these dreams take form in his performances. His work reveals an irony arising through the discrepancy between marketing language and actual experience. He is consciously blurring fiction and reality. He presents the fillet pieces of his detailed investigations from archives or internet. Among his mix between real and fake finally there is less fiction than the spectator might expect. (statement, pdf)

Iratxe Jaio (born 1976,Basque Country, currently based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
Klaas Von Gurcum (born 1975, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands) (www.parallelports.org)
Iratxe Jaio was born in Basque Country, but lives currently in the Netherlands. Klaas is Dutch, but has lived in Africa for most of his youth. As partners from different geographical and social backgrounds, they share between them a keen interest in what makes up cultural identity. Their artistic practice revolves around the visualization of the relation between people and their environment. Their work is often said to be political, as it brings to the surface contradictions and conflicts that may exist between individual and collective experience.
(statement, pdf)

Veaceslav Druta (born.1965, based in Chisinau, Moldova and Paris, France), visual artist (foto-video). (www.veaceslavdruta.com
He will present recent projects that he produced in the residence at Outpost Contemporary Art Center from Los Angeles, USA and will speak about his latest project a documentary film that he s currently producing in the frame of RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Project. (statement)

Lucia Macari (n.1974, based in Amsterdam), visual artist, performer. (a href=http://www.mediamatic.net/person/28230>www.mediamatic.net/person/28230)
Artist will present her recent projects during her research at the Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht and Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and will talk about her work she realised for the RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Project. (statement)

Binna Choi (born 1977, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands) curator, currently Director of CASCO- office for Art, Design and Theory. (www2.cascoprojects.org)
Her presentation titled “NKNK: Non-Knowledge on North Korea” is referred to the situation of divided territories and will be presented in conjunction with the RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios project frame. In particularly her presentation will elaborate on the existing information and knowledge on North Korea as inhabitable society that lends itself to imagine possible principles of constructing and building the not-known space of North Korea by transforming the non-knowledge and stereotype into the process of knowing, particularly in the year 2011. (statement, pdf)

Catalin Gheorghe (born 1975, based in Iasi) art critic and [counter] theorist, PhD lecturer in aesthetics and semiotics at the Faculty of Visual and Decorative Arts and Design from Iasi, editor coordinator of Vector – art and culture in the context – biannual publication. (statement, pdf)

RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Project aim is to investigate by juxtaposing the current cultural, social and political situation in two Moldova regions. The project will comment upon the former and current conditions of two patterns: post-socialist and post-soviet of two societies decades after the collapse of eastern block and dismantling of Soviet Union. In the same time the project team will look closely in to the future scenarios of the society’s in question. The project team will investigate the contexts of two Moldova regions, one being part of Romania, a new EU member state, and the other, a post-soviet independent republic.

The project is supported by funds from CANTEMIR Program/ICR, Bucharest, PATTERNS Program/ERSTE Foundation, Vienna and MONDRIAAN Stichting, Amsterdam.

Center for Contemporary Art-[KSA:K] is a non-profit, independent institution registered in the year 2000. The strategy of the Center is the development of cultural forms and art practices, which would reflect the dynamic of the social, political and economic transformations of the society. Center supports the advocacy activities in promoting of cultural policies suitable for the defining and the consolidation of artist position and contemporary art practices in the society.

Stefan Rusu- artist/curator
RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios Project Curator
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Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
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