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.edu (“dot-edu”)*

*Created in January 1985 as one of the first top-level domains, .edu was originally intended for educational institutions anywhere in the world.

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Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau [ksa:k], with the support of the European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam, Holland had launched the .edu (“dot-edu”) project.
The structure of the project included a series of practical workshops and theoretical curses in the field of media art.
The works made within the project was presented in the final Exhibition .edu (“dot-edu”).

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Project summary
The main focus of the .edu project was to create the direct communication with professional experts from the digital media field. To break cultural isolation and to bring Moldovan artists closer to new trends in multimedia aria. The aim of this project was also to contribute to the transformation of cultural infrastructures, initiate and maintain links on local, regional and international level. To educate digital media professionals, who will treat their activities in general historic, social, political and cultural context and thus be able to adapt in fast changing cultural space, connect their activities to theoretical and critical frameworks.

Acting as a digital media information and consultancy Center Ksak putted a basis in creation of a platform linking professional artists and non-professionals interested in new language and tools of expression.

This project gave Moldovan artists the ability to properly articulate questions and problems concerning new media and make possible further independent self-improvement.

Target groups
The project targets mainly young people, students, artists, critics, trainers, culture managers, teachers from university and pre-university educational institutions in visual arts, as well as students and staffs of all educational institutions (colleges and universities from Moldova), any people interested in alternative contemporary art and new media, multiculturalism and developing interdisciplinary projects.

Targeting mainly youth, we aimed to stimulate creativity, capacity to synthesize and think abstractly by encouraging prospective thinking and a continuous search for the new, a special capacity to communicate, mobility, adaptability and a permanent willingness of self-improvement.

The Center places an important value on the educational role of arts in promoting moral and aesthetic values by stimulating creativity, expanding the access to information and involving people in cultural events from whole Moldova’s regions.


Work Shop “Basic VVVV”
Period: February 24 – March 1, 2006
Location: KSAK premises
Sebastian Oschatz – tutor from art & design collective MESO, Frankfurt, Germany, introduced all-purpose graphical programming toolkit “vvvv”, and guided the participants of workshop, during their first contact with the graphical programming language. Participants learned the basic media concept, as well has been initiated into the process of putting new media tools into art practice. Encouraged by Instructor’s help, participants started to elaborate media works using “vvvv”.

Skills gained by taking this workshop:
At the end of this course, each participant was able to make basic software application for a real-time visual synthesis and gained ability to properly articulate questions and problems concerning new media, which made possible further independent self-improvement.

Duration – 5 days (four hours a day). Participants: 15 pers

Work Shop “Media Environment Development in VVVV”
Period: April 05 – 10, 2006
Location: KSAK premises

Continues learning of vvvv took more practical turn and focused on using “vvvv” for connecting the physical interfaces such as MIDI controllers, distance sensors, DVD players and computers into large media environments. Sebastian Gregor – tutor from MESO and two students from Moldavian Polytechnique Institute joined force and helped participants to realize their ideas into working media environment systems.

Skills gained by taking this workshop: Each participant was able to create interactive art works .

Duration – 5 days (four hours a day). Participants: 15 pers

Photos & videos from Workshops

All Patches [archive: zip, size: 5mb 767kb]

24.02-01.03.2006: Sebastian Oschatz
  Video [format: mpg; duration: 4min 01sec; size: 42mb 092kb]
10.03-11.03.2006: Olga Goriunova
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03.04-08.04.2006: Sebastian Gregor

Period: March 11 – 12, 2006
Location: KSAK premises
Media researcher, writer, teacher of the new media history and theory – Olga Gorunova during 2 days in non stop style has been carried lectures and every day round-table discussion concerning media theory. (dxlab.org)
Lecture course on the history of media technologies and essentials of media theory comprised: "Media: history of expansion", "New Media Art Strategies", "New Media Art Project".

These lectures intended to introduce and familiarize the public with art strategies in a digital era, presenting examples of different approaches and methods.

Duration – 2 days. At this lectures has been invited everybody interested (whatever he/she is participant at the workshops or not). Auditory - 60 persons.

Work Shop “Exhibition”
Period: October 25 – 29, 2006
Location: KSAK premises
The structure of the last series of workshops has been made out from artist’s questions, to Jorg Diessel – the expert from MESO before the start of the workshop. Starting from artist needs, he was totally devoted to mastering the art projects in order to be able to properly put them into frame of .edu Exhibition. As a part of preparation to Exhibition this workshop was summarizing and debugging all issues and problems concerning digital media system development.

Skills gained by taking this workshop:
The whole process of making art work, from beginning to presenting served for participants an example of implementing scheme for new media projects.

Duration – 5 days (four hours a day). Participants: 15 pers

The opening of the .edu ("dot edu") Exhibition took place in the Exhibiting Hall of the Fine Arts College “Al. Plamadeala”
str. Independentei, 1
on Monday, October 30, 2006

(see photo gallery)

The .edu Exhibition started on at 16:00 with a press conference, were has been invited representatives from local media. The Exhibition official opened at 17:00 with the introduction speech of the working team of the project and the summary of the tutor from MESO Association.

Into the Exhibition has been presented 8 finalized works produced during the whole period of workshops.

Both innovative and educative “.edu /Exhibition “ has been a milestone in process of development the Moldovan contemporary art landscape.

vvvv is a graphical programming language for real-time video synthesis and controlling physical devices. With a novel approach to creating computer applications, vvvv was designed to facilitate large media environments with multiple computers, physical interfaces, audio, and real-time graphics that can simultaneously interact with many users. It can be used to control a variety of different physical devices such as DVD players, distance sensors, and MIDI controllers, and runs on plain vanilla windows pcs.

The software vvvv is currently available as a free beta download from vvvv.meso.net. All participants had downloaded the software on their private computers and on the basis of obtained knowledge having the possibility to elaborate/produce new projects.

MESO tutors are available to give a help anytime in on line regime.

Participants on .edu ("dot edu") Exhibition:
From Moldova: Maxim Kuzmenko, Luminita Ermurache, Alexandru Ermurache, Tatiana Fiodorova, Maxim Moraru, Alexandru Raevschii, Ivan Rosca, Kirill Zaremba and MESO Collective (Frankfurt, Germany)

The project has been realized with the support of European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam, Holland, in partnership with Art & Design Collective MESO, Frankfurt, Germany, dxlab, Moscow, Russia, SOROS Foundation Moldova, Fine Arts College „Al. Plamadeala”, Cultural Society ARTERA and OWH TV Studio.

Project Coordinator: Adel Idris
Director KSA:K: Lilia Dragneva

KSA:K 1996-2012

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